A Promised Reunion -

Today it rained. It rained beautifully and hard. Lightning flashed and thunder rolled. We opened the porch door to let the noise in. I shut my music off, just to hear the sound of it all. I went out and breathed as deep as I could, and I could smell wet earth and fresh water and something sweet blooming.

I loved it. I love rain....I couldn't remember the last time I'd heard thunder, we are in the middle of partial-drought here. I say partial, because compared to what it could be, it's much better.

Much better. Better than the '98 fires. Better than the Ironhorse Fire that was this time last year.

But not as good as I'd like it. Lush, verdant, a green yard, the jasmine spilling over with blossoms.

Not as good as the wet, dewy glory of heavy rain and heavy renewed scent - like I remember it was.

I remember how it was. How childhood smelled and the sounds that remind me of then. I remember so many things, if I stop and think back. The way his hands looked when I snuck a peek when we were praying over a huge meal. The way they gripped mine as to not ever let go. I wish I didn't have to, that day I said goodbye, the day he went to Heaven. I remember putting my arm around her shoulders, and being surprised one time that I was suddenly taller than she was. She could pull me into the fiercest hug anyway. The way she said my name, the way I could kiss her forehead, and her eyes would say what I was wondering, how much she loved me, fiercely, forever, that day she went to Heaven.

That was 2002 and 2003. So long ago, compared to these recent losses of friends.

but it stings. It stings like crazy, at the weirdest moments. I am still their granddaughter. Still tied to them as tightly as before. But this ... this Earth here separates us. The veil is not yet torn. I am grieving friends who have been gone just 3 months, and I'm aching for Forever Day NOW. It aches to look ahead, just like it did back when I was young and trying to be strong. Now I know I'm only strong because He is perfecting Himself in me, this weak, broken heart.

So it's easy remembering. 60 years from now, it will be easy remembering too, because I'll be that much closer to seeing them all again. I'll be that much closer to Eternity and Home. Home - the place that heavy spring rains and sunsets and gardenias remind me of. Home - where He is. Where He waits for me.

The Bible says He is faithful. We know He is, by our generations, and by His Word. He promises us that He will not return void the promises He has made! He will not disappoint us, He will not give us lesser things, He will give us the best things, because He cannot give a bad gift.

He does not take away our loved ones with a stern heart, but with a loving, joyful heart.

That my grandparents, and these friends, it was their day, their day that He had written in His book, before they were born, that day that He fashioned that they would rise and live with Him in Heaven. That day of utter joy and peace and rest and tears of joy on their faces as they saw Him Who they longed to see for so very long. The song and dancing of the Redeemed of the Lord in His temple.

It stings for us. It breaks our hearts, and breaks our hearts continually. We are not in Heaven. We are here on Earth, and we walk down this dusty road, slipping, stumbling around and crying out for mercies.

But He is here, child. Look up and see the face of the Father. Reach out, and hold tight His hand.
Do not be afraid, you will receive your inheritance when it is His perfect and beautiful time.
And then we shall always be with the Lord....and the glory and joy will not end. We shall be new!

"Nevertheless I am continually with You; You hold me by my right hand.
You will guide me with Your counsel, And afterward receive me to glory." 
~ Psalm 73: 23 - 24 ~ 

Does it not make a smile break across your face? Think of it, dear ones, because it is true.

Be comforted, He is close. Be strengthened, He will give you new mercies in the morning. 
Be joyful - you have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, the Christ, the Son of God. 
Rest in His love for you, and rejoice over the promise of glorious reunion and Home with Him. 
~ Jean Marie ~ 

January 22, 2012 Sunset glory. 


  1. Places where grace is--soon to be so amazing!
    It may be unfulfilled,
    It may be unrestored,
    But you never know the miracle the Father has in store--
    Just watch and see--
    It will not be-- unredeemed!

    Glimmers of redemption now. Full glory of redemption awaiting! All in His time...
    Love, mcd

  2. waouh, It's so encouraging to think about the day when we'll be with Jesus and with the Father forever. Alleluia!


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