Monday at Playalinda -

Monday night, we were out on the Blackpoint Wildlife Drive, and thought we'd watch the sunset over the water, but the time change made it more like 7:30, rather than 6:30, so we headed to Playalinda to walk the beach and see the sun set, and it was gorgeous. Just lovely.

The water was a beautiful aqua and green and had perfect curls. I love it so so much. 

We spotted a few fair-sized Portuguese Man O' Wars washed up on the shore. From then on, Rachael freaked out at anything that was blue, white, or bubbly. Which made it a hysterically loud walk constantly punctuated by screams.

We had to take some beach portraits, since the next time we'd be there, we'd look like tousled rats. haha. jk. I mean, I was speaking of myself. After getting dredged out of the sand like a total water lily. Did I say water lily? I meant a small squid covered in sand, reaching out....."too.much.dropoff.*cough*". It was a little too choppy today. No sandbar, no curl. So sad.

Back to the beach portraits. Here's Sadie Beth and I. Aww! sweet!  (I'm not that tall. It was the sand.)

Sadie Beth is the popular picture one. It's the smile, and the sweet countenance, I tell you. 

Trying to hold down Rachael's fly-away hair, by this time, we were all in stitches from previous shots.

Timer shot on the boardwalk. So sweet. They love my beach, which makes me sooo happeh. :) 

We are just soaking up these days together!! I know it will go by way too fast, but we are having fun! :)
Much love,
~ Jean Marie ~