Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cheesy Tourist Pictures -

I used to make fun of Tourist Pictures. Oh wait. that was 5 minutes ago. Nevermind!! Disregard that last statement. Let's just say I will probably always make fun of Tourist Pictures, but on Wednesday we were at the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse and EmilyBrower was going to meet us, but didn't feel up to all the heat and walking (well, Baby didn't, rather), and so she said "take a picture for me!".

So we did. Hence the hilarious Cheesy Touristy Lighthouse Pictures. 2 thumbs up for Emily and Babe!

We were all channeling some inner Southern Safari Vanna. HAHahahahah Hahahahha! :D

Love y'all. Have a wonderful Saturday and weekend. ;)
~ Jean Marie ~


Emily Brower said...

Tourist pictures are great!

Thanks!! :D :D I love them ;)

Aidyl Ewoh said...

Ooowwww, looks like you had fun with the pictures. I'm sure she was happy you took them for her. =)