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I can't tell you how excited I am about Steven Curtis Chapman's new CD coming out on August 9th. I'll be one of those people running out sometime during the day to buy it. :)

Watch this video below, and tell me you can't wait now either. ;)

I smiled through this video, and also burst into tears. When I heard that he was going to sing "Morning has Broken", I audibly sighed aloud. My heart just couldn't wait. And he has a whole song written on the ukelele. I'm gonna love this. :) I already walk around the house singing "Do Everything" in my mind, but I've got to tell you the thing that really struck home for me was when he said this -

"I don't know that I really understood God is everything that I needed, 'til He was the only thing I had. I think I'm more desperate for these songs to be true than ever before. And I understand it so much more deeply now."


August 9th, I can't wait for you to arrive. :)

~ Jean Marie ~

And Hello to August!


  1. It is very exciting to see another album of his coming out! How beautiful is Godly music!

    In Christ,

    You indeed can not not smile when playing it.
    Okay. I'm gonna learn that song and you and I are gonna sing it together.

  3. YAY!!!! I'm so excited!!!!


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