Ohmyword, ya'll. OH.MY.WORD. YA'LL. OHH MYY WORRRRRD!!!!!
That kind of sums up as far as my brain will allow. :D

I don't want to get ahead of everything....because I know EmilyCase will write out the whole story, and then I will write out how I reacted to the whole story, and how the telling of it on Skype came about last Saturday, but until then -

In case you actually (haha, Case) haven't clicked over there already, here's what I'm all over the moon ecstatic about - EmilyCase's Cup Runneth Over. :)

*shakes head* oh boy.

I think I'm gonna die from happiness.
I'll sum it up for you with a few words and visual images:

1. The night after she told me, I went to bed at 1:30, and didn't sleep until 3am. (My Dad actually told my Mom "there's goes Jean's sleep for the night". How well he knows me. ;) ) and then I woke up at 7:30 - so on Saturday night I got 4.5 hrs. of sleep. And no nap on Sunday.

Sunday night, (when I should be crashing) I am wide awake. So I stay up. and stay up. and finally make myself go to bed at 2:30. And then I proceed to stay awake in bed grinning my face off, and finally get to sleep at 4:30am. Kimberly kicked the dobro case in the dark at 6am, and I wake up. And yeah. No way am I falling asleep now that I'm thinking about EmilyCase.

Are you adding this up? :) Because Kim and I got up to riotous laughter this morning because that means that I lived off of 7hrs. of sleep in 48 hrs. And I had a little nap today. ;)

Long story short - I would lay in bed, and be like "OH MY WORD - God you are so amazing and wonderful! Thank you so so much! Please lead and guide them in Your blessed will and way!", and then I'd be all "go to sleep Jean", and then I would shoot awake and be like "OH MY WORD. I WASN'T DREAMING. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! AAAAAHHHH."

and THAT is why I couldn't stop laughing hysterically this morning. The family was actually laughing AT ME laughing. I was thinking - man, I should have less sleep and more giggles more often. ;D NOT. ahem. so that was 1.

2. Sunday morning, I get up. I have a headache from smiling so much and for too long. :D I could care less. :D Start to make my bed, and do the happy dance instead. For a couple minutes of sheer glee. :D About 30 minutes later, I'm brushing my teeth, and do the happy dance AGAIN. Bounce, bounce, bounce, EEEEEEEEE.

Mr. Brower puts up pictures on FB, and I explode. My heart does crazy things.

I re-tell the background story to Kimberly as we drive to church. We giggle, and laugh, and sigh in happiness. For the 100th time. :D

3. I literally forgot how to blog on early Monday morning, I was THAT distracted. It took me 10 minutes to figure out I missed an obvious step. Wow. Dad laughed.

4. Lucy Mae is very very very excited but doesn't really know why.

5. I spend HOURS on Pinterest in utter glee looking at tons of wedding stuff for no reason other than I can't get it off my mind now. It must be a girl thing. All I have to say is - if you have FB. you need Pinterest. I think my mind is exploding from all the creativity it's thinking up.

6. Our family can't stop talking about it. We can't stop praising God about it either. We just love the whole idea all around, and think the world of these 2 families. We love it. :D

7. I'm amazed. I'm stunned. I'm over the moon. I'm bowing in worship. I'm humbled and praising the Holy One. I'm thankful. I'm grateful. I'm freaking out. ;) I'm laughing. I'm dancing. I'm shocked. I'm antsy. I'm ecstatic. I'm pouring every heart's glorious joy in a constant flow before the Worthy Lord, and it's coming right back in a rushing flood. I'm blessed. I'm crazy. ;) I'm giddy.

I'm joyous. I'm awed by God. I'm speechless of His plan.

and it's a beautiful place to dance in.

Stunned by Joy. Overwhelmed by this unexpected revealing of His plan in my dear best friend's life. Overwhelmed by His leading to Grace-filled glory.
I'm thankful for prayers answered, so unexpectedly, and so perfectly!!!
For God did this.

I love you, EmilyCase. In case you forgot since the last time I told you. :)
With lots and lots and lots of joy,
~ Jean Marie ~

P.S. This should go at the end, haha - Number 8. I freaked out in the middle of my 1.5 hr. of sleep last night because I just thought about not calling her EmilyCase. Does this mean I have to switch to EmilyBrower? EmilyCaseBrower? EmilyC? EmilyB? JUST EMILY? I almost started crying. and then I realized how ridiculous that was, and then I think ... I fell asleep for that restful long sleep of 90 minutes. hahahaha. :D

every time I watch it, I think I'm gonna faint from joy. God is so so so good. :)


  1. Very sweet, Jean. :) He is faithful.
    Love, mcdxox

  2. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for them!!!! I can't wait to hear their story! God is so good! Love you!

  3. I am so happy for Ben and Emily... God truly is so wonderful!

    Many Blessings,

    P.S. Your post brought joy to my day, Jean Marie! :)

  4. Yes, isn't it exciting!!!! I am so happy for her and and thankful to see more young ladies saving their heart for one person... it is such a joyous season of her life {and many others!} and I am very excited for her new journey!

    In Christ,

  5. I am SOO excited for them!!!!! It's almost hard to believe! God is SOOO good!!!!

    Many Blessings!


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