Kimberly's Wedding is TOMORROW -

Way back when in California, my Daddy & Mama had a sweet baby girl who weighed 8lbs. 

They named her Kimberly Roth. She was adored, loved, cherished. 

They also had another little girl (with red hair this time) in 1988 after they moved to Florida. 
She became fast & forever friends with the first baby girl. 

Life was really sweet at the condo on the beach, memories of sandy, salt water life, 
shuttle launches, growing up into little girls and feeding the peacocks filled their days. 

Then they moved to our house with the big lawn (and here we are still). 
We lived our sweet and beautiful and wondrous and laughter filled childhood here in the sunny yard. 

We always had hugs, cuddles, kisses, songs, prayers, crafts, food, playtime, and safety in the arms of our parents. 

We had visits from our beloved Grandparents (whom we've missed very much this week). 

We also had new Easter dresses every year. 

We traveled to many states and made many (colder) memories. 
We loved every minute with our beloved family!!! 

And then we all grew up. Life went by really super fast. 
We still love being together, laughing together, sharing together. 

And tomorrow Daddy will take her hand and give it to Kimberly's love: Ben. 
They will marry tomorrow. We are overjoyed (and also really emotional). 
(Mrs. Serven's photo!) 

That little baby girl is all grown up, wise in wisdom and lovely in stature, precious, pure, redeemed.
That little baby girl is getting married tomorrow and I can hardly believe it. God is so good. 

To all the joys there could ever be, is what I pray for Ben & Kimberly. 

Because we love our first baby girl with all our hearts, and love that she has found her own beloved one. 

And we can't wait to one day (Lord willing) meet her first baby girl too 
and watch her grow up in a Home of Love like we did. 

Happy Wedding Day, Kimberly & Ben. 

We will love you both forever. 

Love always,
~ Jean Marie ~ 


  1. I never had a sister, but if I could have my desire would be to have a Jean Marie, one exactly like you. You lovely, loving sister. Your parents are wonderful. Mrs. Houghton


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