Kimberly's Bridal Shower -

On a lovely Saturday, February 6 (yes, haha. China interrupted my blogging), 
our dear friends Mrs. Drobnick & Laurie threw a Bridal Shower & Brunch for Kimberly. 
It was so fun to be with friends who we've known for a long time! 
The shower had the most beautiful touches that were perfectly Kimberly, 
and it was such a blessed and lovely time together fellowshipping! 

 Mrs. Drobnick pulled out her silver, and plates & napkins that were so romantic & vintage!

Such delicious muffins! 

Lemon Cream Cake Truffles by Laurie. 

Notice the Abby Girl who I captured inside my arms while taking this photo! ;) 

Mrs. Drobnick is the Rose Queen. 
She is an amazing gardener and the shower was full of flowers!

CANNOT handle how grown up Laurie's girls have gotten. 
Yes, C is almost as tall as I am, and a sweet teenager now, 
and A I am teaching 3rd grade Sunday School! I love them so much. 

I've always loved the Drobnick's Home and always will. 

Everything was soooo lovely! 

And this, YES, is Laurie's oldest: M. She IS as tall as I am. It's unreal. I adore her heart. 

Mrs. Drobnick led us in such sweet devotions from the Bible and 
encouragement of what a Godly woman is from Jonathan Edwards (Kimberly's favorite, haha),
Bill Piper's tribute to his wife, Ruth, as well as from some Puritan writers.

It was impossible not to feel the history and memories catching up with us in that moment,
and I cried through half of it, haha, because the faithfulness of God is so real and true. 

So beautiful and no one we'd rather hear it from than our dear Mrs. Drobnick. 

 Talking a little bit about shooting the proposal. ;) {Thanks Laurie for taking these!}

Kimberly talking about meeting Ben and falling in love with him, and the proposal. :) 

 Gifts were opened and passed around. 

So many sweet gifts!!! 

We were overwhelmed by everyone's generosity! 

Lots of laughing among dear friends.
 Especially when Mrs. D. & Mama & Miss Kitty are sitting next to each other, haha. 

Kind words of encouragement and hugs. 

Group photos! 

The Original Homeschool Moms. :) 

Somehow....we all showed up in the same color of blue. ;) hahaha. So hilarious. 

SO excited for my Sister!! It was such a dream come true to have a bridal shower for her,
and it was suuuuch a great kindness of Mrs. Drobnick & Laurie to throw it for her! 

"Your name, O Lord, endures forever, your renown, O Lord, throughout all ages." ~ Psalm 125:13 

So blessed to SEE the faithfulness of the Lord in this new love story God has brought about between 
Ben & Kimberly, and also rejoicing in the many ways these ladies have encouraged us through the years. 

Thank you so much, Mrs. D & Laurie!! 

Kimberly & Ben wed in just 8 DAYS. It's surreal and I can't believe it's all happening SO fast. 
Every day, it's ALL THE FEELS ALL THE TIME. Haha. Sooo many emotions and busyness! 

We're so excited though!!! We can't wait to hug many family members & friends who are coming! 

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~ 


  1. Love it!! Praying for a beautiful wedding and a faith filled journey into a new life of marriage for sweet Kimberly!! The Shower looked perfect!!! So beautiful!!

  2. Wow, this bridal shower party looks just adorable! I am in love with party foods and table décor. My best friend will get married at famous destination Malibu wedding venues and I also have to throw her a DIY bridal shower party. I would love to use your ideas in her party.


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