Spring Frolic 2015 {Day 2} -

Here's Day 2 of the Barberville Spring Frolic! Sunday, April 26th, 2015. 

So many more of my friends were able to make it the second day, which was so great.
The day started off as sunny & beautiful, turned into a deluge & water park, and then beautiful despite wet at the end. :)

Abi: "This is my bass...." HAHAHA.  

Loner's Junction practicing. (Gosh, I love those huge oaks & Spanish moss)  

I love their music!! 

My Becs & Shan. So glad Becs was able to drive up with me on Sunday,
 even though she was scraped and sore from her 5k MudRun she'd done on Saturday! Love these two friends. 

Hymns under the tent before the heavens opened up. haha. 

I could feel the pressure dropping and shifting, and I thought "Oh boy. Here we go.", but I didn't want to leave the hymns session, so I stayed. And then it poured and poured and poured. The musicians and I kept inching in more and more to keep from getting sprayed by the rain, and eventually we gave up and stood in a circle and continued singing/playing. It was so lovely, and hilarious too. :)

"O they tell me of a King in His beauty there, and they tell me that mine eyes shall behold,
Where He sits on the throne that is whiter than snow, in the City that is made of gold." 

After surviving the gully-washer, frog-strangler of a monsoon we had, I had just enough time to find Emily Acevedo and put Leila to sleep on my shoulder for her morning nap, and to see Zebulah's Trail, which is "Leah's band": Abi, Gabi, Leah & Nathan. I've missed Leah's singing so much and I love the mix of music they bring. They are super amazing songwriters.

I had my arms full, so Shannon took these with my camera! {It's super great having twin cameras, haha} 

It was pretty hilarious because Leah & Nathan were laughing at everything and joking around, and Gabi was like "okaaay, moving on with the schedule...." and Abi was giggling on the other end. hahaha. 

Wifey & Husband. They are the cutest. Oh wait. I mean, everyone is. But still. Young love.  

Ben & G. 

I know this is blurry because we're in motion, but this sums up our relationship perfectly, ahahaha. Emily is clearly saying something hilarious and I'm dying laughing. 

I love her so much, and her adorable bobbed haircut and her babies and herself {ok, and Ben}. 
Thanks for this, Shan! P.S. Leila was OUT. hahaha. 

Here you find a hobbit enjoying Gabe's blue birch beer. Or something. It was old-fashioned soda. 
But it was sweet enough to kill a horse. Or a camel. It was like an instant sugar rush. and it was BLUE.

BLUE. I told you. hahaha. 

Sweet Leila up from her nap. We totally matched with our patterned sleeveless blouses, btw.

Shannon and sweet Nixie.  

Oh my heart. Precious. 

Contra' Dancing with the friends!!! 

Xander's yoga pants never fail to crack me up. He's in his own category of man. haha. 

You can always tell who has danced the longest by the crazy/silly faces they make during moves. haha.  

So many laughs in this room. So many injuries...so many near-flying-episodes. 

Contra' dancing keeps you humble, because usually the 8 or 9 or even 6 year old is better at it than you. True story. 

I love the Smith girls hair, so beautiful.

Circle to the left! Circle to the right! Into the middle with a great big shout!  

Shan always looks adorable and beautiful while dancing. I don't get how she does it. 

So much fun!! {Don't worry, I danced a lot too} 

Sunday was less chaos and more of our gang dancing: more like old times = love. 

I had to get a photo of Emily pregnant and playing bass! Just like she did with Leila! 
She's amazing, and I really loved getting to hang out with her all weekend and talk with her. I love her. 

Loner's Junction finishing off Barberville with "Orange Blossom Special", because it's tradition, that's why. 
And also because we live in, and love the state of Florida. Yes, yes we do. 

Instagram pics! 

I told you it rained. 

Selfie with Leila!! She's such a happy and sweet baby.  
I got her to sleep in my arms for a nap two days in a row, so basically I achieved Magic in the honorary auntie realm. 

And we got shaved ices from the Shave Ice Truck that was there!
 My loves and I: G, Emily, Me with Phoenix, and Becs. Life is so so great.  

And there you go!! Such happy memories of yet another year. 

Tomorrow I'm flying to Ohio with my Mama for a small family reunion, and I get to meet my redheaded cousin whom I've never met! She's a student at Wheaton, and I'm so excited I can't stand it. Just picture lots of hugs and me trying not to scream when they arrive (going to fail that). It's going to be great. I love time with Mama, just the two of us, and being around her family. 

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~ 


  1. A perfectly beautiful summary of this year's Bville Jean! Your photos are always so lovely and joy filled. Loved spending time with you!!!



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