1 Year Ago -

One year ago today, I wrote this: Wade Is In Heaven

Oh how very much we miss him!!!

Every time I hear an exceptional piece of music, I think of Wade and how I could almost hear Daddy and him discussing why they liked it, their fingers moving on invisible frets at the dinner table and laughing about old times. They were best buddies and we all ache at the loss of him.

From the very beginning of his diagnosis, Wade said, "the secret things belong to God", which has always made me smile so much, because that is so like the Mr. Williams I knew and loved. It portrayed the great trust he had in His Savior, and God's great love for us. 

We all have to wait a little bit longer, but our reunion will be so sweet when we go Home too. 
No more goodbyes, no more sadness, no more end, no more Enemy, no more "not yet". Just Jesus

The secret things belong to God, indeed. 

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~