My Project 52 {Week 19-20} -

I know I try to do just camera photos for My Project 52, but I really don't feel like editing tonight, and I love some recent pictures I took with my iPod Touch while on vacation in Ohio last week, so I'm using those instead!! It's more about seeing the photo and taking the shot anyways!! :)

 Mama & I visited our Uncle & Aunt's Farmhouse in Ohio. All 5 siblings got together and we spent Mother's Day together and visited Grandma's grave. We were there for 4.5 days and had a wonderful time!

{Week 19} May 9, 2015 ~ West Unity, Ohio ~ The Farmhouse was built Pre-Civil War, 
and it was so magical to be there in the Springtime. I loved every second spent outside. 

When we left on Monday, we had over an hour at the tiny airport and it was pouring rain outside. I couldn't bear to sit still in preparation for sitting still for another 2 hours, haha, and the rain was making me all artistic-moody, you know? So I put on some music on my iPod and walked around the airport looking for patterns, shadows and lines. I've been studying that in my classes at NYIP, and it's been so cool how my eyes have been opened to how much detail there is in architecture if you look for it. I started a "Bored in the Airport Photo Project" series on Instagram, and had a wonderful time for an hour. ;)

{Week 20} May 11, 2015 ~ Toledo Airport, Ohio
Here's my favorite shot from the 4-part series! 

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~ 


  1. That house. And the spring blooming on that land. And your airport adventuring.
    Love. love. love.

    And you. Love you!!!! <3



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