Valentine's Day 2015 -

This morning was a really special morning for me, because I launched my new website for my photography!! I'd been working 3 weeks on it, and I finally finished it up last night. I looooove how it looks now, and that's it's all updated! Plus I made a special Valentine's Day offer on it. 

Check it out HERE -

Of course right after I launched the new website, I needed to straighten out a preference with Google Search, which had me screaming through hundreds of words, basically winging it until 2 hours later when I finally got it finished. SO thankful and happy that it works now. haha. It didn't affect the launching, but it was really bugging me. 

Then I headed outdoors to work with Daddy on two of our oak trees, one is in full Spring green leaves, and the other is yet to get its leaves. We really needed to take off some lower limbs on both though, and some dead ones too, so we were BOTH up in trees, with chainsaws. We worked outside together for 4 hours, and got SO much done! Now we're both SO SORE from all the crazy moves we pulled so we wouldn't, you know.......DIE. (Shh. Don't tell Mom. She can't handle stories like that.) 

We finished around 3:30, and I asked Daddy if he would go fishing with me. All I wanted for Valentine's Day was to go fishing with Daddy at the river. (For Daddy's Birthday this past week we gave him a gift certificate to Ace Hardware to buy a new rod, and I bought his fishing license!) Even though I know he was so tired and his back was already hurting, he said yes!! 

We came inside and devoured some sandwiches, then grabbed our rods and headed to the river. 
It was so great, and so much fun!! We had the whole place to ourselves, because let's be honest, how many wives say "You know what I'd love to do for Valentine's Day? I want to go fishing and smell like fish.", and Daddy added "And not many daughters want to go fishing with their dads either...."

Who needs chocolate or a romantic date when you could go fishing with your Dad? So happy. 

It was so wonderful being out by ourselves (and 4 pesky wood storks that wanted our fish) in the peace and quiet by the marina.
I love Winter in FL, and I love being by the water. 

I didn't catch anything, I had a few tugs and nibbles, but Daddy caught a 14" trout!! 
 (Notice the wood stork stalking Daddy, wanting his fish, hahaha) 

No joke, I had just finished baiting up my hook with a leftover quarter of a fish someone "left behind", and I hear "Do you need another fish?" and I look over, and he's pulling in a huge trout!! It was hilarious. We couldn't stop laughing about it. His joy will stay with me a long time. 

He once again proved, that he is the Fish Master. Haha. 

He makes me laugh so much. So thankful for him! 

Oh, and he caught it with a lightweight rod that was his Daddy's, which was really special,
 because we all used to go fishing together. It's a family legacy. 

It was so beautiful as the sun set over the marina and the water. Fishing is so peaceful. I love it. 

 Daddy fishing...and being stalked by two wood storks. They know where the magic happens. 

We had such a wonderful time together. It really makes me excited for all the days to come when we'll enjoy fishing together. We work so well together (today we actually enjoyed our hard work on the trees, because he's taught me so well, and we have the same mind!), and I just love being with him. He is honestly one of my favorite people to be with. He's so great. 

When I got home, this sweet Winnie the Pooh card (with a sweet message inside) and my favorite chocolate bar was waiting for me from Daddy!!! I ate a third of the chocolate bar, not gonna lie. ;) 

I feel so loved. 

So that was my Valentine's!! I'd love to hear how you spent yours!! 

With love always, 
~ Jean Marie ~