My Daddy -

July 1989

Today is my Daddy's Birthday. 

When I think of my Dad, I'm left feeling speechless, because I quite simply adore him. I always was a Daddy's girl. 
My earliest memories are of being cradled against his morning-rough-face, needing a shave, 
and the feeling of holding his curls in my fingers as I sat fearlessly on his shoulders. 

My trust in him has rarely been tested. 

He is one of the smartest, most wonderful, humble, giving, gracious, tender, loving, outgoing, handsome, 
hilarious, deeply loving, understanding men I've ever known and I want to be just like him. 

I love being with him, he's honestly one of the most interesting, caring, laid back people to be around. 
He more than anyone taught me to love music, to love photography and good writing - my three loves!! 
And of course the outdoors, the place of peace, a haven and a quietude for both of us. 
Working with him means learning - it means him humming pieces of songs, much like his own Daddy, who would whistle while working, Daddy hums songs. Imagine my delight when my clients recently informed me that I was humming songs subconsciously while shooting pictures! 

Daddy is such a hard worker, yet he always has a humble spirit about him. 
I've learned so much about how to be an honorable, Godly person by watching him and listening to him.

It is easy to imagine my Heavenly Father's love of being 100x's of my Daddy's because Daddy has loved me so very well. 
In turn, I never want to let him down, I always want to be near him, in grief I want him to hold me, 
in joy I can't wait to tell him first, and in trouble, his voice I want to hear. 

He comforts, teaches, leads, laughs, mourns, listens, provides, protects, gives, encourages, hugs, surrounds with grace, 
prays, reaches out, promises, tells the truth, holds up and carries along our family.

I'm so proud of him, and so deeply thankful for him. I am rich with his presence in my life. 
God has blessed us, and rarely is it more obvious to me than when I'm with him. 

I love you, Daddy. To the moon and back and all the stars in between. 

Love from your Redhead Girl. Happy Birthday! 

~ Jean Marie ~ 


  1. Dearest Mr Fambrough! Happy birthday to my American dad. *Hugs*

    Lots of love

    Sadie Beth xxx


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