My Project 52, 2015 {Wk 1 & 2} -

{Week 1} One of the prettiest friends I have, Shannon, on our headshot photography solo photoshoot  sessions in the wildlife refuge. 
We braved 4 hours of rain, and got some amazing images. Love her & our 3 days together. - January 1, 2015 {New Year's Day}

{Week 2} I didn't take any camera pictures this week, 
but here's a sunrise panorama I shot with my iPod on a very cold and brisk morning - January 8th, 2015. 
And there's my start to this year's Project 52!!! Love it. 

With love,
~ Jean Marie ~ 


  1. Love this. I'm so glad you're doing your Project 52 again. Your shots are so inspiring!

    Love you!!!!

  2. Looove that picture of Shannon!


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