December 20, 2013 -

Here's a throwback for you - the Hope's Going Away Party that EmilyBrower & I & our Moms threw for the Hopes before they moved to 'Bama last year. I've had these done for awhile, just never got around to blogging them. Then I had Becs & Shannon over for a few days last week and they were looking through pictures on my Mac, and found these. You would have thought it was the 2nd landing on the moon when they found them. And then I made them stop looking at them and promised to blog them really really really soon. Aka: ASAP. Hahaha. 

So here's December 20, 2013 in all of its Florida glory. My memories of that day: just being really happy that our gang was together, and having fun together, even if it was the last time for awhile. 

We had Boylan sodas. My favorite. 

So delicious. 

And Gus, who was such a little wee pup then. 

My heart. 

Like I said, my favorite. ;) 

Sleeping puppy. 

Our people. 

It amazes me how much G has grown up in the past year! 

Sports is a must in our gang. 

My Becs, who lights up my life....

.... and who models for me on demand.  


Sweet girl. 

There was an armadillo out. And we chased it. Hahaha. 

G loved playing with this volleyball. 

Besties. (yes, it was warm enough for shorts in December) 

Oh, those pig tails! 

Cutest little one. 

Emily is such an amazing Mama. 

Our laid back & super great party. 

The sun spills gold over this field in the evening...I miss going to this park to play volleyball with our gang! 

Nathan and his hilarious Camelbak. Georgia didn't know what to make of it. 

I have no idea what he's talking about, but this sums up our lives. Hahaa. 

Lauren, Shannon, Emily & I all tried to document as many memories as possible, I think.  

Baby Girl. 

Lauren's boots. 

Love her and her million faces. 

Being an honorary auntie sometimes means making leaf boats for your niece. 

 Becs is always a good honorary auntie too. She has the most experience out of all of us. 


That little bum! ;) 

So many smiles. 

Our girl. Gorgeous. 

Gus was running crazy. hahaha.  

Nathan & the pup. 

Pretty much everyone was keeping an eye on G or on Gus. Hahaha. We are a protective family gang. 

I'm a sucker for puppies. 

And I love my Mama. 

We all love our Mamas: Jo, Mary Ellen & Michelle. 

I have no idea what is going on here, but I remember laughing. A lot.  

We ended the night by Becs trying to teach me to Merengue. Let's say I failed. And she won. 

All in all, we miss Lauren & the Hopes a ton, and wish they would move back. They moved a year ago this Wednesday! But we are also glad and thankful for the ways God is using them in their new home and how He is leading them through new things & new journeys. We love them so much. 

This past week I've missed hanging out with Emily & Lauren so much more. Best friends are hard to come by, those who love you and want to be with you on adventures and share joy & sorrows. I'm so thankful for both of them in my life!! (But I'd totally love it if we could hang out soon, haha)
{PC: EmilyBrower (taken by Ben)}

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~