Lucy Mae's 4th Birthday -

Today was Lucy Mae's 4th birthday!!! In the morning, there were snuggles and kisses and singing. 

Midday, there were kisses and chasing lizards (all her) and hugs. 

And tonight after I got home from walking the bridge, there was joyful barking that I was home, 
followed by more (you guessed it) snuggles, kisses, and lovin'. I love this dog. 

Thanks, Kim, for taking this one of us!! Lucy Mae ONLY wanted to kiss me. Not vice versa. 
Hence her face in this picture. 

Today I tried to take her outside extra times so she could pounce and tunnel through the Mondo grass to hunt lizards. It really is her favorite thing to do outside, and it's the cutest thing to watch her. :) She's virtually impossible to get a picture of though, because she leaps by, or she's way under the blades of grass. ;) Spot the doxie.....

I really wanted some updated portraits of her, so I had her sit and stay for me, and I just love this one. 
She's such a pretty and interested dog. 

For "dessert", I put 4 candles in a piece of Mama's pumpkin pie, and we all sang "Happy Birthday" to Lucy Mae, it was hilarious. We kept laughing at her expressions. I think she liked it. :) The minute I blew out the candles, she lunged for the crust. Hahaahaha. So Daddy gave her a piece of the crust, and I gave her a swipe of the filling. ;) She loved it, of course. Then she got a special dog bone, and I ate the pie. Haha. 

She really is one of the greatest joys in my life. Day in, day out, she loves to be with me. 
She comforts me and curls up beside me to take naps, she races around the house playing hide and seek with me, and suffers through waltzing with me to various music genres. 

She hates baths, so she lies outside the bathroom door when I take them, because she is concerned about me. 

She currently loves everyone.....except the dog that belongs to Wilbur, the ex NFL player that lives down the street.
What is up with that?? We don't get it. 

She is incredibly smart and is getting just a hint of white on her muzzle, which is just TOO MUCH, because she's only 4, and I want her to live forever. She's such a special, hilarious, wonderful part of our lives.

Happy 4th Birthday, baby. I'm so glad you are ours. 

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~