My Project 52 (14) -

Week 14

This morning I went out to the wildlife refuge (truly, my place of refuge from the world) and watched 15 manatees play in the cove.....big ones, medium ones, and little babies with noses the size of my fists! It was wonderful, and I realized, as I always do, that I'm so at peace when I'm around wildlife. I love it so much. I could have sat there for hours, except I was getting sunburned. Then I drove awhile along the beach, and then headed back towards town. By then it was about 2pm, and I really needed some lunch! 

I stopped at a local family owned taco shack, complete with surfboards, tiki huts and picnic tables, and ordered some of their amazing BBQ brisket. It was so amazingly good. It's the real humdinger good stuff. 

Between that and their sweet tea, I was one happy Southern girl. It's no surprise they call it comfort food....good BBQ and sweet tea remind me of my roots, the South, my family....and it comforts me. 

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~