Girlfriends -

I love these ladies so so much. I really wanted a picture of us at the end of Barberville, and of course when I asked, some of us had already left (Leah!) and some weren't there (Becs & Shannon weren't there on Sunday!) and some people had moved (Alabama stole my Lauren!), but as it was already 45 minutes after Barberville had officially closed, that wasn't surprising. 

I'm just grateful for this. And for these amazing girls I call my friends and confidants. And as you can see, and as we laughingly joked about all weekend, some of us are pregnant. To clear everything up for everyone forever until anything is announced: 

LtoR: Abi (newly married/NOT pregnant), Tricia (has a 3 month old/NOT pregnant), 
Me (not married so definitely NOT pregnant/duh), and then there is Emily Acevedo (32 weeks pregnant!) 
and Emily Brower (11 weeks pregnant!) and of course Leah was in another picture, as she is 13 weeks pregnant!! 

Honestly, I love any amount of time I get with any of these girlfriends.
 They encourage, love, laugh, tease, ask, care, listen and pray about life. I'm so thankful for each of them!! Spending time with them at Barberville was the best. One of the many reasons I love those weekends so much are memories like that! 

I just love them. Period. So thankful for their individual relationships and group relationships as well. 

And I'm taking a few days away from my normal computer (my Mac), so I won't be editing a ton of Barberville pictures, or any other pictures for that matter! I've got my Unit 2 test to study for and the test to take for my NYIP classes, so I'm taking a huge photo break and everything else break to get that done. I've just been SO overloaded with so many photos and projects, and need to get school done ASAP before I forget anything else. 

And then I'll be back! Oh and I'll post my Project 52 photo for this week. :) 

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~ 


  1. So many beautiful hearts... so blessed to call y'alls friends and sisters in Christ. ♥ Enjoy your break!


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