My Project 52 (8) -

Week 8

Two Lucy Mae pictures in a row for my Project 52! :)
I realized I hadn't as many pictures of her on my blog as of late, which immediately had to be remedied. :) She's so adorable. 

I've been doing my school outdoors whenever the sun is out and it is warm enough to stretch out on my deck chair, and Lucy Mae stays outside with me. She wanders around, sniffing things and chasing lizards and climbs up and down from the desk chair and napping underneath it. Yesterday she found a favorite spot under a tree near me and I looked over to see her with her quivering nose pointed straight into the wind, sniffing and smelling it with her eyes closed, with her doxie ears flapping. It's what Daddy affectionately calls "being a hound dog", because at those moments, with her nose quivering a million miles a second, she is so caught up in the smells and wonders of the wind and outdoors that she's at the height of her "hound"/doxie glory. 

I softly called to her, and she turned to look at me with such a relaxed, peaceful look that I immediately knew exactly how she felt.
She is mine. She is like me. We love the outdoors. She truly is a companion. 

We love her so much. 

Tomorrow I get to 2nd shoot Gabi & Abi's wedding on a St. Augustine beach with Shannon!! I'm SO EXCITED. 

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~ 


  1. She is SO cute! Doxies are quite underestimated and misunderstood by those who don't have the privilege of living with one. Just today our doxie, Hershey, enjoyed the thrill of the hunt as he chased a poor rabbit out from under our shed. Unsuccessful, he instead had to satisfy his wild craving with his duck dog food.

    P.S. Hershey wants to know if Lucy Mae is single. :) He's dashingly good looking and a prince charming at heart.


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