My Project 52 (7) -

Puppy Dog Tails ~ Week 7

I had not taken any photos this in ... NONE. So when I got home from a wedding just a little bit ago, I thought "Oh no! My Project 52!" and then I noticed sweet Lucy Mae nosing through the clean laundry on my bed, and the clothes I had worn to the wedding....she always likes to smell everything and "see" where I've been. And then she plopped down on top of my clothes with her cute little doxie tail in a curly-q behind her. She's such a special joy in my life. I love her so much. 

Have a wonderful Sunday tomorrow, y'all! 
~ Jean Marie ~ 


Emily Brower said…
Um. I've never seen a cute picture of a dog's butt.... until now.

Holy cuteness, Batman!