America's 237th Birthday! -

Happy Independence Day, Americans!! Today is our 237th birthday! Huzzah!! 

This morning I was struck by just how much we've been blessed. We've been more free than most of the world our entire lives. It is so easy to take that for granted. I'm so thankful today for our freedom! 

"We dare not forget that we are the heirs of that first revolution." ~ John F. Kennedy

Our neighbor gave us some mini-flags, so Daddy put them in a beautiful row on our front lawn, plus we hung up our big flag. We have a very patriotic looking street. Flags waving and snapping proudly in the wind. It's enough to make one cry. Well at least that and listening to the National Anthem and every other patriotic song. haha. :)

Just one teeny-tiny little shout-out to all our British friends on their National Day of Shame. "Um. We win."

I took some photos, because I'm pretty sure there could never be too many photos of our beautiful flag.
Wherever you are today, I hope you have a wonderful Independence Day!!
~ Jean Marie ~

"Our hearts where they rocked our cradle, 
Our love where we spent our toil,
And our faith, and our hope, and our honor, 
We pledge to our native soil. 
God gave all men all earth to love,
but since our hearts are small, 
Ordained for each one spot should prove
Beloved over all."
~ Rudyard Kipling ~ 


  1. Sadie Beth7/5/13, 2:31 AM

    This is one day late, but - happy Independence Day! And, yeah... we forgive you for winning! ;-)

    Love ya


  2. I thought it was 236th. I'm confused!


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