Happy Birthday, Mom! -

Mom is 2nd from the left, on the front row. :) Surrounded by siblings and cousins.

Today is my Mom's birthday!! It was a fun day, all around, albeit busy. I was looking through photos, looking for something to catch my eye, and then I came across the ones I scanned a little bit ago, after Grandma Florence died. And I couldn't resist blogging this one. Because I think my Mother was so downright cute and adorable. hahaa. We just laugh at how adorable she was. :) Everything from her permed curls to her scrunched up frowns in the bright sun, to her petite self, to her little smiles.

We just can't help loving all of her when she was little, like we can't help it now when we know her.

So - Happy Birthday to one of the most sweet and special and Godly women I know - my Mother.
Our daily life is so incredibly blessed by your love, patience, sweetness and care for us.
Growing closer together as friends has been such a joy for me. You have taught me what family is, and what motherhood and wifehood look like in a Godly context. You've made me yearn for it too.
I love you so, soo much!! Happy Birthday to you! May this next year be a wonderful one!

With love from your youngest -
~ Jean Marie ~


  1. I know I'm a day late, but I had to say "Happy Birthday Mrs. Fambrough!!" I so enjoy the time we get to spend with you at Barberville, and always wish their was more time to talk... You have such a gentle and sweet spirit and I love the way the Lord shines through you!

    Love you all! MaKenna

  2. Happy Birthday Mrs. Fambrough! You are such a sweet and Christ centered woman... ♥



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