Bobby Jo's birthday -

Ya'll look confused. You are thinkin' "Who in Sam Hill is Bobby Jo? It really doesn't ring a least....not any bells that make sense....except for that one! HAHA. The Muppet one! When....Animal! He....and.....DONG. BWAHAHAHAHHAhahahaha!!!!!". *blink blink* At least that's what it sounds like in MY head.

Sorry. I get a little carried away sometimes. But I'm not really sorry. hahah.

Well, Bobby Jo is Becs. Just to clear that up. Becs is....well, Becs. If you haven't been reading this blog, then you will have no idea. If you have been reading this blog, you know who she is. ;)

and today was her 18th birthday. :)

Here's my birthday letter to her .... and please leave a comment at the end!!! :D


Dear Becs -

It doesn't seem right to start off sad, or melancholy, but I ordered these by date, and this was the first one up. But I start to get tears in my eyes just looking at it. It was one of the best evenings of my life, at the rollout of Atlantis to the pad. It was incredible, and I'll treasure those memories forever....but you know how hard it is for us that they shut down the program.

But it was such a great night of pride, joy, honor, and those songs are always playing in my head when I look at these pictures....remembering our hands over our hearts as Ray Charles sang "America the Beautiful" for one more time, as Atlantis moved past us on the crawler.

Some things can't be described in words, they can only be captured in shining eyes filled with proud tears. Good thing that doesn't bother you, because you see that a lot in me. I'm so thankful to God that you and Cam and Momma were able to come with us. How sweet it was!

I just love this of us. :) NASA brats, and proud.

Relaxing in the May breeze, as we waited for the sun to set, and Atlantis to come out of the VAB. It doesn't come out as often as joy and crazyness with you, but you have a deep, abiding peace flowing in you - that is Christ. I have seen you deepen in Christ so much this past year. We both get a lot less stressed over stupid stuff, because we realize it's not worth it. :)

We are both allowing ourselves to let go .... and let Christ reign. Onward and upward, my dear.

and we seem to have this crazy mutual obsession about having to shop with each other for shoes. I had NO IDEA how fun it was to try on heels. OH. MAH. LANDS. We so should have bought them. Even though I could barely walk - they were the best pair of heels I've ever laid eyes on. And then in typical Jean and Becs fashion, we ended up giggling and trying on more and more, and talking with the lady who was a teacher and wore heels every day in the 60's. Wow....but man, someday, we will buy heels and do a photoshoot, and it will be ALL VINTAGE. heh. :D

Top: Becs' pair of 5 inch heels, and Bottom: My pair of 4 inch heels in coral/pink/orange.

On my birthday ... we went out to our secret spot, and it was wonderful. Except we about DIED from blood loss due to the skeeters. And you kind of wrecked your Toms by walking on rusty iron and steel - but I never heard you once complain. You are so giving that way.

and here - you and Tricia seem to have found treasures. HAHA. TRICIA's face!

You are always up for anything with me....even going the 4th time down the ice slide. ;) I've always had the best time with you, doing nothing, walking the beach, eating ice cream, bowling, laughing ourselves sick over practically nothing that struck us the wrong way, being freaked out by seaweed, getting stung by jellies....the list is endless. :) I just flat out LOVE BEING WITH YOU. :D

When I thought about what I wanted to write, I wanted especially to say a huge thank you for always being up for listening to me. Even if you barely have any time, you listen, you say you are sorry, you say you will pray for me, and then you ask how I am the next time. It could be nothing, or it could be heartbreak. You have walked alongside me in my grief and in my joy, and I have been immeasurably blessed by you and your family. You listen, and you care.

and sometimes you don't come out with any great wisdom or insight, and you just sit in the sadness with me. It has meant the world....and made us much closer as friends. :)

Love these two of you -

You will pretty much squeal about ANYTHING that I'm excited about. Or that you are excited about, and we can just talk for HOURS. After all - that's what best friends do, right? :)

I love your incredible smile, and the way you can trip over nothing, and still manage to look halfway graceful, due to all those years of ballet. You manage to bust a move pretty much anytime there is music playing, while I look like a total white girl with no panache. Which - I am. But that's beside the point. You are a smooooth dancer, unless you are dancing with ME. HAHA! :D

We love the same food, and we love it so much we will talk about it, and then we will start doing the "Om nom nom nom" thing, and then we will suddenly start singing like Beaker. It amazes me that our brains have the same sort of awesome track. hahaha. ;) You are so laid back, easy going, aaand you know what to do when my heart stops working right. Thanks. :)

You are tender-hearted, compassionate, giving, and patient. You manage to also find time to play fiddle and sing, and dance until the cows come home (not our cows, just figurative cows), and then will even sing on the way home to keep me awake. You love the beach almost as much as I do, and you love your family and extended family deeply. You are grounded. You are special, you are treasured, you are a beloved Child of God, which, happily - makes us sisters. :)

... at EmilyBrower's wedding shower ...

You graduate this year. In just a few short months, actually. And if you move away, I will track you down and .... throw strudel at you. The kind with icing. And I'll sing lonesome Country songs outside your house until you move home just to get away from me. *nods firmly*

But seriously - I know God has His mighty hand upon you, and your life. I fully trust Him to lead you - so trust Him with it all! Seek Him in all things, for He is there. He is always near. He will never lead you to a valley or mountaintop without a reason, or a punishment, but always for a gift. He is the giver of every good gift.....

like when He gave me you - for the ups and downs of my life here. :)

Happy 18th birthday to you, my dear friend, my heart-sister, my funny, hysterical, amazing friend. :) Have the most sweet, blessed, tender year of drawing closer and closer to the One who loves you BEST.

Thank you for being YOU. :) God made you beautiful, dearheart.

and don't you ever, EVER forget that I love you. 'Cause then I'll start singing our song, complete with angry hand motions and waving arms and fake sobbing in the car. HAHa. You know I wiiillll.

"Don't you call me no mo', don't you knock on mah door! ... 'an she said: You're just a Cocaaaa ~ Colaaaaa Cowboy!! You got a Eastwood smile and Robert Redforrrrd haaaaaaiiiir! But you walked across my heart like it was Texaaasss, and you taught me how to say "I just don't care!"!"

*snicker* I have so many great memories with you. *bursts out laughing*

I love you, Bobby Jo. :) Happy birthday!!!!
~ Bodean ~
(Jean Marie)

... for those of you that are confused from the top of this post to the end, well - You'll understand if you ever see the two of us joyful, crazy-excitable, outgoing selves together at the same time. ;) ...


  1. HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY, Becca!!!

    I hope your day was awesome. May the Lord continue to richly bless you!


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECS!!! ummm, and ya'll are all adorable. Are those train tracks across the river/inlet thing from the launch pad??

    Love you both!

  3. Well I wrote Happy Birthday and then I lost it as only Ican do!

    Happy Birthday Becca! You are such a sweet blessing to our family as well as Cam, Mama, & Papa. Love you.

    Mrs. Fambrough

  4. Happy Birthday Becca!!!! :) I pray that you have many, MANY more!!!!!

  5. P.S. Your heels are soo cute!! That is too funny! Although I am still curious as to how you walk in them? lol!

  6. Wow, late much? Sorry.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECCA!!!! I hope your day was absolutely wonderful and I pray you have a year filled with blessings ahead of you!

    ♥Mrs. Brower


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