A special day for our lovely Kimberly -

22 years ago today, on January 7th, 1987, a baby girl was born to a delighted husband and wife. They named her Kimberly Roth Fambrough, and, as it turns out - she ended up delighting us all.

Today is Kimberly's 22nd birthday! Happy Birthday, my dear! This post that I am spending quite a lot of time on, is my present to you...and maybe some money, haha. My words, my love, are what I can give you today, and always. This special birthday post I am writing at 2am, with the High Kings singing through my headphones to keep me awake, and the memories swirling through my mind as I look at all the old pictures. Such wonderful blessings in our lives we've had! The sweetest blessings, our parents, grandparents, family and friends, sharing sweet communion with our Lord Jesus Christ. We have been blessed by God by you, dear girl! Be blessed today...be joyful...laugh and dance and remember your Savior's love for you! Like we do when we think of how God has blessed our family by giving us our Kimberly. Read on!!!

*** Note: The grainy pictures are grainy because they are film scanned into the computer, so please, be gracious to me. It's just the way it is! I went through many albums to find some of my favorites, and uploaded them...I hope you enjoy them like I did!

Kimberly in Mother's womb....she was loved so much already.

And so, she was born, and became quite the happy, outgoing and social baby, or so I'm told...I don't really remember, I wasn't around for some odd reason. Here she is at 4 mo. with Daddy.

And then, there were two daughters...best friends, sisters, playmates, and doll-lovin' little girls. Kimberly and I with our dolls in 1990...Kim was 3, and I was 2. :) Kim was laughing. Hahaha.
Here with our beloved grandmother on my dad's side, also in 1990, taken in Atlanta, GA.

Kimberly and I loved (and still do) to run on the beach...here's Kim whipping by, age 5.
Here is one of Kim's favorite pictures....of herself. Looking at something with Mommy. Age 5.

1993, Stone Mountain, GA...Mom, Grandma Mary, Kimberly and I. Kim(6), Jean M.(5) :D
Homeschool graduation 1995. Kim completed 3rd, and me, 2nd. And we had carnations, too!
A picture of Kimberly in 1995...for those of you who don't know this...she was really tan when she was younger. Oh, and our hair didn't become curly until we hit our teen years. Awwww....I love this one.

I wonder how many of these pictures Kimberly will tell me I shouldn't have put up. Oh, well! Haha! Here are Kimberly and I on a sled having just gone down a snowy slope in Colorado in 2004. It was SO much fun! And if you notice the white stuff on my head? That's snow...I just picked up a handful, crushed it on my head, asked someone to take a pic, squeezed Kimberly with delight, and that's the result. Ha.

Lake Michigan, 2005. Daddy, Kimberly and Mom. Kim was 18, then!
Here are two of Kimberly's graduation pictures from highschool, 2005. Our friends did a lovely, wonderful job, and Kimberly looks SO pretty with her hair done up (which she does herself, I know, impossible to believe) and her long dress and graceful poses.

And one of my very favorites of her. She is gorgeous, isn't she?
Here are Kimberly and I at the casual session of my graduation photoshoot in 2006.
A sweet hug and a good memory from 2007.
Thanksgiving 2007, my sister and I. Enjoying a joy-filled day. I'm thankful for YOU, dearest!
2007...a Sunday shot of two girls pretty in pink...well, one is a little dolly, but you can see that.
June 2008, my 20th birthday beach day....she looked like a Monet painting. She drew glances, that's for sure, and I loved to see gentle grace and purity blended so in my sister. I couldn't help but think that day, the reason she was so beautiful was her love for God, and her knowledge that He doeth all things well. That makes her very lovely, indeed. :)

December 2008...the return of Endeavor on the 747. Mama and Kimberly hold hands walking down the Memorial dock. I don't mean to brag on...but I love how cute they both are! :D

These hands ripple and pound and pull sweet, strong, delightful music from our piano, have for many years, and continue to do so. She is amazing at the piano, and we love to hear her.

December 2008 was a time of a fun photoshoot on Christmas Day, and my little Scottish lassie of a sister turned on her sweet smile and giggles for an hour for me. Oh, and did I mention she looked gorgeous, too?

See what I mean? SOooo cute! Awwwww. Goodness me.... what? No, I'm not carrying on....fine, then.
She liked the toile apron I bought for her at Christmas, so we were both delighted and happy!
Can you say - "Blue Eyes"? Yes, indeed.
Sisters, Sisters, there were never such devoted sisters, never had to have a chaperone, no sir! I'm here to keep my eye on her! (points finger, or in this case, looks over shoulder) :) Caring, sharing, every little thing that we are wearing....two different faces, but in tight places, we think and we act as one, uh - huh! :D Seriously, though. I love her cute self. Yay for Scots!
The wee Scottish bairns 'ave grown up to be lassies now! And happy Scots and Southerners we are...and so shall we stay. Dearest Molly Gibson, our Lizzie Bennet, our Anne Wentworth, you are so dear to me...I thank God continually that you are my sister. You bring joy to my heart with your friendship, and I won't ever, ever, ever stop loving you or caring for you as my sister. You've been my protector, leader, prayer-warrior, and you've been my servant, faithful sister and friend. You are beautiful on the outside, and even more lovely on the inside because you love and desire God's will for you. I know that His plan and will for you are the very best, because He loves you more. I am so glad that you prayed for me those years, because having Jesus as my Lord is the best present ever.

I love you so very much, dearest, darling, sweet Kimberly, and pray always, God's best for you.
Thank you for loving me so!
Your sister,
Jean Marie
1 Corinthians 13

Leave comments, ya'll, if you like, and wish Kimberly a Happy Birthday! :D YAY for her!!!

And just for a laugh...here is what I wrote last year for Kimberly's 21st birthday. Hear me sayin' it, and laugh a bit... I sure did, remembering what really goes on, when we get off those roads!

Today is Kimberly's 21st birthday! Happy birthday, my dear sister!

Kimberly, thank you for taking on the role of older sister with such grace and love towards me. You patiently answer my questions, encourage my dreams, keep my secrets (sometimes!), and style my hair so that I look like a turn of the century debutante. You stay up late with me, you watch movies marathon-style with me, and you bring completion to the "ladies three" when mom, you and I go shopping and traveling.

You do crazy things with me, although yours are usually dangerous, you comfort and encourage me when I am scared, and you left me standing alone on that ice-cold rock in the middle of the Pigeon River. The look on your face when I took the wrong way down into the river! The shock on my face equally matched the shock and caution on yours, and your mouth was one big O. I was wailing "KIM! Aaauuugh!!! What do I do now?! I'm stuck, and I can't see! The water's SO dark, and these rocks are all slippery!"! The 45 degree dark water was over my waist, and I was freezing. After we both stopped laughing so hard we weren't making any noise, and caught our breaths, she inched closer, and guided me through the dark water to her equally slippery rock. Right. I was never going to make it, I was convinced, but she told me I could and I did!

I can tell you probably that wherever there is country that involves mountains, water or winding trails, she will want to go up it, in it or down it and through it. Nothing stops her except if it is claimed territory with a "No Trespassing" sign. All that I need is a closed gate, she finds the hole in the fence. :) She thrives on adventure, and though I am usually scared to death that I am either going to be sued, killed or we both are going to be sued or killed, I think of all those adventures with such fondness, and know there will be more to come. I'm glad. That adventurous side of you is one of my favorite things about you, Kimberly, you attack that adventure like there is no tomorrow, you take it all on, and say "Come on, Jean, just look at it, it'll be great from the top! It's an adventure!".

Thank you for leading me, in more ways than through that river. Here's to you, Kimberly, and Happy Birthday!
I love you,
Jean Marie


    Dear Kimberly,
    I pray that the Lord will greatly bless this, your 22nd year of gracing us with your friendship!
    I love you, Lass... :D
    YAY for the Scots!
    p.s. Good job on the post, Jean.

  2. Happy Birthday Kimberly!
    I hope you have a great day and that you and your family celebrate
    your precious life today!!
    You are thought of often and cared for more than you will ever know.
    Love, Juli

  3. Corey Stewart1/7/09, 12:46 PM

    Awwww, Kimberly, I miss you and wish I was there to wish you a happy birthday in person! I pray that the Lord brings many blessings (and adventures!) your way this year.


    P.S. - I love the pictures!

  4. Happy Birthday Kimberly!!!!
    I am not sure if you remember me, we met at the graduation last year.

    May God Bless You on this very special day.
    Yay for Scots!!!!!!


    May your 22nd year be filled with much joy! Hope to see you soon!


    (P.S. What great pictures!)

  6. Happy birthday, Kimberly! :-)

    Ooh, some of those pictures! Your 1995 graduation picture - cute! Such a sweet one of you both in the snow. Cool "Monet" beach picture :-). And more. Great selection.

    What a lovely post. Sweet memories. I hope you have a lovely day, Kimberly, and well done, Jean!

    Sarah xx

  7. Hey Kimberly,
    We hope you have a very Happy Birthday!
    --The Strevel's

  8. Dearest Kimberley,

    Oh! This is so sweet--and true! Those are wonderful pictures...you are simply beautiful and wonderful. This is such a sweet post about you. You are such a blessing to Whitney and I.

    Happy Birthday, sweet kimberley. I love you lots :)



  9. Dearest Kim,
    Many blessings to you on this, your 22nd birthday. I am so thankful for you in many different ways. Most of all is your love for the Lord. Your feminine grace serves as an example to many! Love you!
    Sending birthday hugs your way,
    Anna :)

  10. Dearest Kimberly,

    Happy, blessed birthday! You are a beautiful lady, and I love you dearly, truly. You are an encouragement to me.

    I loved all of your pics; one of my favorites was the first one. Motherhood is such a blessed, incomparable thing...and look what it produces! Arrows for Him...

    God Bless you, lovely sister in Christ.


    P.S. Jean Marie, you did a lovely job on this post :).

  11. Awwww, dear ones . . . thank you-all. I am so very blessed. You-all are so very sweet to me. I love you so much. . . . And, my dear dear sis', a comment on a blog falls so short to say what I want to . . . God has given me such a very dear sweet sister. Thank you, sis'. Your loving words are the best present ever. I love you ever so much. . . . In Christ, Kimberly

  12. Thank you all for your sweet and loving birthday comments for my sister! It has blessed the entire family to read them, smile and feel loved. :D You all are dear friends to us, and we pray for you all, too.
    Thank you for your kind comments about the post, it's wonderful to know you liked it!

    Kimberly-I can never run out of love for you, dearest. Ever. You're welcome.

    Thanks again, and with love,
    Jean Marie

  13. Happy Happy Birthday, Dearest Kimberly!!! with love, Laurie for all 6 of us

  14. Thanks, dear Laurie . . . I love hearing for "all 6 of us" :) - I still get excited when I hear it as if I am still not accustomed to it or something. :) love you . . .

  15. Margaret T1/8/09, 1:10 PM

    Dear Kimberly and Jean Marie,
    What a sweet post and pictures, and what dear sisters you are! Happy Birthday, Kimberly! It is hard to believe how quickly the years have passed. All of us at the Thompson home are thankful for your friendship and for the joy of watching you grow up through these years. May you continue to grow in Christ and know His faithful, joyful love for you.

  16. Thank you, dear Mrs. Thompson . . . You are so sweet to me. :) I am grateful for you-all's friendship through the years, too. I was just looking through some old pictures yesterday and saw one of us - such dear memories. . . . I love you-all very much - truly I do. :)


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