Access 10/40

I sat down in front of the computer with my lunch of mac & cheese, and headed over to Carolyn McCulley's website - Radical Womanhood, a favorite website of mine to be challenged, encouraged, chastised, exhorted, and taught by the Word of God. I intended to watch a clip I had seen yesterday, on a video she had enjoyed watching about Antarctica. I snuggled down into my chair, took a few bites of my lunch, got to the page, and stopped there, because she had posted above it. A post on a ministry called Access Partners, and their work in the 10/40 window. She had posted a video, and I was interested, so I clicked on it, put my headphones on, sat back, and started eating. And then stopped eating. And then started eating. And then stopped again...and then realized I had stopped eating again. I could not even think to eat, as hungry as I was, because I was so engrossed in the video. I paused it, sat back, and stared at the video, and then at my lunch. I shook my head, pushed play, and once again, started eating, consciously this time. The video presentation ended, and my lunch wasn't done. I put my bowl with mac & cheese still in it on the desktop, and didn't even try this time. I started the whole video over, and watched it a second time, and this time I didn't try to keep my eyes from filling with tears. Oh, Father, oh, Father....look. They love you, oh, Father, be with them. Be with them there. Look, Father, look at the children. Oh. Oh. Look at her face...I want to hug her, I want to walk those streets. Look, Father....see them, help them, Lord. I was moved to tears, I was moved to prayer.

I was moved to share it with you all. And...I encourage you to read more about Access Partners, and to pray for them, as I will begin to. They are doing God' s work there, in a wonderful way.

And watch this -

Maybe you will be moved to tears like I was....maybe you will be convicted of not being grateful like I was....maybe you won't care at all. I hope you do. I hope you were challenged like I was.
And I hope that I can still finish my lunch without it getting more salty than I want it from a few tears falling on it. From a full and thankful heart, Lord, I'm even more thankful for my food now. And for your saints persevering on to the unreached places of the earth in Your Name. To share precious news with those who have never heard, who have always needed.
Amazed by God's grace,
Jean Marie


  1. Dear Jean,
    Great vid, thanks for posting it. And thank you SO MUCH for the cd the other night. So fun!!! Love you!
    Continuing Instant in Prayer,
    Anna :)

  2. Anna -
    Thank you for watching it. are very welcome for the cd. Instant memories, huh?
    Love you, ever,
    Jean Marie :)


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