Kimberly's Baby Shower -

On December 30th, 2016, at our church, we celebrated the coming arrival of my nephew!
I know. It's March 8. But I've been absolutely slammed with my photography business
and blogging this got shoved to the bottom of the list.
I wanted to blog this now though, since he's due in a few weeks!

A little prep BTS: December 28, 2016, I wrote this:
"230 days, or 33 weeks, or 8.25 months ago....I carried my sister's dried wedding bouquet 
(filled with eucalyptus) and laid it softly on top of her wedding dress in the back of her SUV,
and then they drove off to their new life together. I took a selfie in the garage with it, 
feeling the weight of joy and change and importance. Today I took another selfie in the garage 
with my arms full of eucalyptus and blue hydrangeas (blue for boy). 
Feeling the weight of joy and change and importance. It's their 1st engagement anniversary today,
and in 2 days, I will throw a baby shower for the little one in her womb.
Carrying a bouquet into the house this time, for the very best of reasons.
 A baby is coming, and we love that he is." 

Supplies on December 30th. Hahaha.

 December 30, 2016 ~ CCC, Titusville, Florida ~ Baby Shower: Baby C Allison 

I took a very mini mini maternity session of Ben & Kimberly right before the shower....
the rest you'll have to wait to see on - they're scheduled to hit the blog next week! 

Even though I hosted the shower, I could not have done it without the help of my Mama and
 our sweet church ladies who brought food, and for Shannon for shooting photos for me when I couldn't!

I'd thought up a little Winter Woodland theme, since it was just a few days past Christmas. :)

Eucalyptus are personal favorites of both Kim & I, so I decorated the tables with it! 
I wanted it to be peaceful yet pretty! 

The Dessert table: A delicious Orange Citrus Cake that my pastor's wife made,
 and two pies that Mama made: blueberry & coconut custard. 

I spray painted those cardboard letters I bought for under a dollar at Hobby Lobby! 
I also decorated with fun things we had around our house....
including wrapping that little pine tree in a plaid swath of cloth.

I found this free printable woodland animals printout on Pinterest, so fun!
The triangles joke...took me 20 minutes to figure out how to cut out correctly.
I LOVED that banner, but it took me 2 hours to get it completely done (I was so slap happy tired).
haha. I actually sent it home with Kimberly & Ben for Baby C's nursery!

Hot Cider! And Water! And Eggnog! It was only 2pm after all....who needs coffee.

Cinnamon & Clove & Maple Toasted Pecans

I decorated each table with acorns (woods!), a few rocks or stones from a TN River (water!),
cute little wooden woodland animals (also Hobby Lobby), a vase filled with a spray of hydrangeas (gardens!)
and set upon an oak wood round that Daddy cut for me.

I invited my friends to ease the tension. Jk. But they certainly made me....myself. I can't stop laughing.

How is Abbie 10 years old? I remember when she was a baby!! Oh goodness.

trying the eggnog.... ;) 

modeling crackers because she was wearing her Minnie Mouse ring. hahahaha.

Sweet Marie who I took pictures of just a few days earlier!! SO CUTE I couldn't stand it.

One of my greatest achievements as hostess of Kimberly's baby shower was putting
this baby to sleep in a matter of minutes. Haha. 7 years of Nannying do not go to waste. ;)

Content & asleep in her Moogie's (Grandma's) arms.

hello's to Lily who was moving around

Here's where Shannon took over shooting for me....proving once again, she's an angel. 

I surprised Kimberly and asked a few very special women we've admired all our lives to 
share a special Mothering moment and Scripture that helped them in hard days. 

Judy (Mrs. Gilchrist) was first! 

Our pastor's wife, Margaret, was next.

Three generations....reading a Psalm that put almost everyone in tears. So precious.

And Mrs. Drobnick, giving a special talk to Mama becoming a Grammy.
Yeah, we were definitely crying at this point.

And then gift opening! I wrote Kimberly's gift list/thank you list on her phone so she'd have it.

LOVE all these women so much!! Emily cracking up on the far left....hahahahha.

*pretty much my face every single time any present was opened because: BABY THINGS*

There was really fierce competition at Baby Bingo for the 3 door prizes!
Especially, for some the homeschoolers table.
I kept saying "Ok, calm down. Don't light anything on fire." It didn't work. They were intense.

Literally crying laughing so hard over something Tricia said that I had my head between my knees.
I can't even look at this without laughing aloud. Earlier Emily had made me laugh so hard that I had to leave
and fake getting a cup of water and go in the hallway to breathe because I was crying laughing.

The Janie & Jack jacket that my parents *bought*. Haha. I bought it.

She's the beautiful-est.

Burp cloths to fund the adoption of Talia!! The BEST burp cloths!

*me losing my mind over the Janie & Jack nautical sweater onesie I bought*

... and telling the story of buying this vintage Winnie the Pooh book in an antique store in England...

A crocheted baby blanket made by our great great aunt, a gift from our own dear aunt. SO special!

Chatting with my favorite people....and Tricia giving me a back massage for the knots of stress
 I accumulated at having to talk in front of people. I have THE BEST friends.

It really meant a lot to me to get a group shot of our girls group, so we headed outside after the shower....

Emily thankfully was willing to be my test focus & lighting subject.

*normal* "Leaf! Oh leaf! Leaf of crunch and browned hue! we....ok. that lighting's good."

She literally does not stop getting more gorgeous as the years go by. haha.

Pretty sure I said something unkind to Shannon 3 seconds before this about not caring where she
stood because she was short, and Tricia went into full Mama Bear mode to protect her and Gracie and
 her daughter just looked adorable and stood there. (also can we talk about that tree bokeh - PRAISE HANDS)

Gracie and her sweet Gwen.

And I had to shoot some double pregnancy pictures for Emily & Tricia while the light was perfect outside! 

We really did not stop laughing the entire afternoon.

Gorgeous Tricia.

Ok. Picture time. HAhahhaa, Emily. 

We really don't take ourselves too seriously. 

Mrs. Fitzgerald & Mrs. Smith took these! Meanwhile, we were dying laughing over their commentary.

LOVE these women soooo much!!!

Serious THANK YOU to Shan for shooting for me. You're the best backup in the world.

 Having everyone bless us with their presence really meant so much to me.
I know our love language is quality time, but it amazes me how loved you can feel knowing your people
drove 2 or 3! hours to celebrate your sister and her baby, and to rejoice with you.

And thanks to everyone for making me laugh harder that day than I had in months.
Never forgetting the laughter and JOY of Baby C's baby shower. Such good memories!

With so much love,
~ Jean Marie ~


  1. Oh, this day was simply the sweetest! I had so much fun showering Kimberly and Baby C with love and joy, and shooting around for you was such a blast! <3 I cherish these moments, these laughs, and these precious hearts so much! *hugs*


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