Fully Funded & Overwhelmed -


Last night I checked my Fundraising Page ....

It keeps track of my China funds. My jaw dropped a little and my eyes shot open in surprise. 
I hyperventilated a little, considered crying, but then ran to joyfully tell my parents that due to our 
AMAZING AND LOVING friends and family - 

I'm fully funded for my trip to China!!!!!!!!!!!!

With 25 days to spare before my first deadline!! I never thought I'd be funded so early. WOW
I've been SO humbled by all your donations and support, and I'm so so thankful for each and every one of you.
Every donation meant so much and I've cried over many donations, knowing the hearts behind them.

 Xièxiè!!! Thank you SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!!! 

Just 83 days until China!!

If you've JUST sent in a check or donated online, don't worry!!! 
The money doesn't go back into AWAA, and I won't be spending it all eating Chinese food, haha. ;)
All donations after this fact will be VERY much needed - they will go towards how much we can
take as gifts/supplies to the orphanage!! That will be such a blessing, so thank you very much!! *

With much love always,
~ Jean Marie ~