Lucy Mae is 5! -

Lucy Mae is FIVE today!!!! 

I can't believe it. This morning she came running into my room, 
and I said "It's your biiiirrttthhdaaaaaayyyy, Lucy Mae!!! You are FIVE!!" 
and she looked at me like "Well yes. Where are my treats? What is all this excitement?". Hahahaha!!

I love to take some pictures of her on her birthday, 
and I wanted her to have some time to do her very favorite thing: playing outside hunting lizards. 
Of course, while she is hunting, she is in THE ZONE, 
and there is no such thing as "stopping for a picture, please, Mama. no.", sooooo....

LOVE this sweetheart of a best friend. She is mutually adored by the whole family...and friends. :) 

Every day is filled with a smile because of her. 

Spitting something out, apparently. The Hunt is not always easy, especially when you live in a sandy & buggy state. 

This one cracks me up. She looks so tiny. She clearly heard something rustling. Hahaha. ;) 

I had to use my "Bossy Mama Voice" to get these. 
So then of course she resigns herself....
but because she's a dachshund, she doesn't look right AT ME.
She looks past me. Yep. 

But she's so CUTE I don't even care. 

Our little Doxie girl. 

Love her so so much!!! 

Happy 5th Birthday, Lucy Mae!!! You mean more to me than you'll ever know. 
Or maybe you do. Because you follow me around and won't let me out of your sight on my bad days,
and on our good days, we play and run, and swing in the ENO and sit happily together in the wind. 

You've brought joy every day to this family, and that's no small gift.
Thanks for being the first thing everyone wants to come home to,
and everyone wants to say hi to every time we come through the door.
You are the very best. 

You are sweet and snuggly and everything I've ever loved about having a dog as a best friend.

All our love always,
~ Jean Marie ~ 


  1. Oh Lucy Mae. <3 <3 She's the cutest little dachshund I know. My visits to your home are always brightened by her playful spirit. Happy birthday Lucy Mae!



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