Lauren's Bridal Shower -

On May 14th, (one month ago tomorrow!), Emily & I threw a Bridal Shower for our Lauren!! 

We'd been planning it for quite some time and had a great time getting all the details together, sparkly gold and pink, so feminine and classy and cute! I spent the day making a quadruple batch of Tapioca Pudding (only for Lauren, haha), and then when we got to Lauren's Aunt's Home where we were having the shower, I realized there was no way I could co-host AND take pictures like I was planning. 

So thankfully, when I asked Shannon to step in and shoot for me, she agreed. She shot the bulk of these, and sent them to me this week, and I edited them. Thanks so much, Shan! I super appreciated it.

It was so nice seeing Lauren back in FL...I didn't realize how much I'd missed her until I saw her. 
Love and relationships are weird like that. And I missed her so much while I edited these pics! :) 

It's okay though because we will see her NEXT WEEK, when she gets married! One week from today! 

Ok, so here are pictures from the evening!! 

Abi made several gorgeous, unbelievably light and delicious cheesecakes for us!! SO amazing and good.

I love this Ginger Twin so very much. She is so much fun. 


This sums up my relationship with Leah. I probably died laughing right after this pic was taken. 
And Lani is sooooo cute. Like, all of the time. How. 

Love the eyebrows Nixie is projecting from her carseat, while John is just sleeping contentedly. hahaha. 

The gardenias filled the whole kitchen with their powerful perfume. It's my favorite in the whole wide world. 

Yeah, I have no idea what was happening here, but we love the Gaspers, soooo....hahaha.

Phoenix, baby doll! 


Tricia, the bombshell. 

Baby Gasper Girlie. Adorbs. 

I couldn't wait to introduce them, and every time I looked over, this was happening.
Best start to a great relationship ever. Love them. 

Sweet little John. 

The Baby Whisperer and her little grandgirlie. 

Those lips!! 

So super sweet. 

Love G's hand, she's such a little fairy lady sometimes. 

Emily & I needed to judge the scores on the Romantic Quotes Game! 

We have a good time. 


Making announcements.....hahaha. 

That wrapping paper was SO Lauren. Perfect. 

I've missed watching them together so much. The game scores were serious business. ;) 

Shan was designated the beautiful Thank You Note List Writer.

Smiles and excitement. 

Old friends.

Bridal Party Loot. 

Sweet family. 

Those three expressions on the far right

Everyone wants a picture with the Bride To Be!! :) 

Mrs. Hope, Lauren & MamaLala, or Mrs. Lynn. ;)

So happy being together again.

3 Generations: Lauren's Mom, Lauren, and Grandmother. 

So sweet! *sniff* Mother & Daughter.

Grandmother, Lauren, Mom, and Auntie! So lovely. 

I've missed us SO MUCH. 

How are we all grown up, and two of us (almost) married and the other three have careers?
Crazy, wonderful, sweet life. I love it when we are all together. 

We have so much fun. Love love love them. 

Lauren, we're so so soooo excited to celebrate with you and Ben next week. We're so happy you are getting married!!
We love you so much, and it's been a joy to walk through your courtship with you and pray for you.
We're so thankful for the way God has made paths clear and drawn your heart into love for Ben.

Happy 1 last week of being just you, and I can't wait to hug you next week!
You will be a beautiful Bride, and a precious wife. God has richly blessed you.

I love you, babe. 

~ Jean Marie ~ 


  1. Beautiful pictures that captured such a wonderful shower you planned for Lauren <3


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