Brevard Zoo With Becs -

Last year for my birthday, my super-good-listener-of-a-friend, Becca, bought us twinsies Izze sodas & Animal Crackers & a trip to the zoo. It was the most exciting and best of gifts....and we just now got around to going. Hahaha. Friday, May 29th, Becs and I hit the Brevard Zoo, and had a wonderful time together. 

It was hot, but thankfully shady and breezy for most of the time! 

(and yes, I saved these for 11 months) 

We always have a good time together, and it's good for me to have Becca following me around at the zoo, to correct me on things: "their top is yellow, so they blend into the Savannah..." "you mean the jungle" "right, yes.", and "Isn't it a Capuchin?" "Nope." "ok, great." and "Oh, look! Komodo Dragons!" "Those are too small for Komodo Dragons, those are iguanas." "Really? Oh." and other hilarious moments when my brain meant one thing and my mouth said something else. 

We both grew up going to the Brevard Zoo, so I think we both felt a little bit like we were 8. ;) 

Spider Monkeys are so so so adorable. 

My fellow explorer and Zoologist for a day. 

They had 2 baby jaguars!!! They were SO cute. 

Resting in the's always amazing to me to see such great creatures up close. 

Camels: Frankie & Sammy, on the train ride safari through Africa!

This train ride holds tons of happy memories for us. haha. We love trains. 
Plus, we are 90% sure the gentleman running the train is the same one who's been doing it for the past 20 years. 

Right. There! 

Scimitar Oryx

I loved this White-Crested Turaco!! 

Becca getting a closeup shot. 

Butterflies eating bananas & nectar. :D 

A sweet Galah Cockatoo.

A Scarlet Ibis!! We have White Ibis at our house every day, haha, but we never see the Scarlet Ibis.

The huge Burmese Python (Or African Rock Python.

Uh, the fact that these roam FL is not a comfortable feeling. AT ALL. 

But gigantically beautiful still. 

The Meerkats!! I'd been highly anticipating seeing the new Meerkat exhibit and it did not disappoint! I totally fell in love with how intelligent, rascally, adorable and fun they are!! I admit, I wanted one. haha. 

Digging around....

My exploring-adventuring-friend-model.

Climbing on a rope staircase! 

I love this shot from coming back up. 

"Hakunaaa matataaaa....what a wonderful phrase!"

I LOVED these HUGE Grevy's Zebra. I was like "I thought zebras were small!! and black!" Nope. Various shades of brown, apparently, and these zebras were more the size of Clydesdales. I loved them. 

Rhinos in the shade! Also - ginormous and I totally understand rampage terror in Africa now. 

Black and white does so beautifully with shadows and reflections. 

Gazelles!! "GISELLE!!" bahahhaa. It made Becca laugh. ;)  

Like I said, MASSIVE. 

Those ears 

Stingrays!! Atlantic & Southern Stingrays. 

So cool.  

Smooth sailing....always. 

Oh hey....

Hi there, bud. I really really like you. You are amazing. Thanks for letting me pet and feed you shrimpies, squid & fish! It was one of the best parts of my day. :) (I adore stingrays)


Horatio the Great Horned Owl

Watching his eyes and knowing how detailed and far his eyes could see was incredible!

Meerkats again. I was addicted. haha. See the baby?

So cute I can't stand it.  

Wrestling and playing.  

"What? What is over there? Oh wait, nvm. It's brother, digging up the rock quarry...."

My super trusty trio: my hat that saves me from burning during the summer, my sling bag that's been with me through rain, mud, snow, hiking, concerts & festivals for 7yrs and going strong, and my very trusty camera that I've built a business upon. 

We rounded out the evening with Chipotle (we were STARVING), and then Old Navy to buy some summer clothes and then got FroYo before heading home! So all the happy girl things. hahahaha.

Thanks again, Becs!! It was so much fun!! 

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~