My Project 52 {Week 11 & 12} -

{Week 11} Sandabakken, Fripp Island, SC ~ March 14, 2015 
The beautiful beach resort we spent 4 days at for our church's women's retreat. It is every bit as lovely as it seems, and more. 
Such a blessed time of fellowship, prayer, worship and laughter!

{Week 12} Sandabakken, Fripp Island, SC ~ March 15, 2015 
Morning sun's rays painting the walls. Such peace here. 

Mama and I were able to spend 4 days last weekend at a beach house named Sandabakken.
We've been there for years before for our church's women's retreat, and it is always such an amazing time and gift to our spirits to revive and rejuvenate us.

I can't believe how quickly Spring has sprung here in FL! Just this week I went to the beach and swam for the first time since Winter.
(Yes, it was COLD) haha. Not as cold as Fripp though. ;) 

Thanks for sharing in my journey in life through pictures and words. I miss blogging, but it gets pushed back so much since I'm juggling running a small photography business (that never seems to slow down) and also college at NYIP, and taking time to rest and recharge too!! :) 

Many of you have been following along with Kara Tippetts and her family at Mundane Faithfulness. 
Please continue to lift them up in prayer before our Heavenly Father as Kara slips from this earth to her Heavenly Home. My heart aches so much for them, but I also rejoice in her peace and soon-to-be-wellness and the joy of being with Jesus. This life aches and breaks, but Jesus always remains the same, and He is faithful to comfort and love tangibly. 

Love y'all!! 
~ Jean Marie ~