Sadie Beth is HERE!!! -


I spent all last week crying my eyes out because we were going to be alone for Thanksgiving. Like, I cried myself to sleep several nights and was just devastated we would be without friends or family to celebrate with.

Little did I know that my parents were going to surprise Kimberly and I. This evening I was playing Christmas music on the piano and my parents walk in (from their "errands"), and I hear a voice say "Happy Thanksgiving!!!". I turned from the piano and see my dear friend Sadie Beth, who flew all the way from England to celebrate Thanksgiving with us!!!! 

I stared at her, stared back at Mom, back at her, back at Mom, back at her, my mouth open in shock. Then I gasped and screamed and promptly burst into tears and cried for the next 5 minutes in her embrace. 

I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT BELIEVE THIS. I was SOOOO surprised!!!!! SO amazing. 

And then we took this grainy picture and told the whole world she was here.

So many happy tears. We haven't seen each other in 2.5 years!!! 

And suddenly Thanksgiving means family, friends & joy again. 

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all!!! 

With love always, 
~ Jean Marie ~