My Project 52 {Week 48} -

{Week 48} November 28, 2014 ~ New Smyrna Beach, FL 

I love this picture. I love so many things about it, but I also love it for the reasons that I can't explain. I told Sadie Beth "I love photography more when I have a connection to it that doesn't make sense. Photography makes more sense to me when it doesn't make sense.". Which makes sense to my brain, but sounds rather confusing to everyone else. Haha. 

1. I adore the light. The echoes and sun flares and bursts of light. 
2. I love the way Sadie Beth is holding her hair and bracing against the 45 degree cold wind. 
3. I love the old house for sale on the left
4. I love the wave gate for the beach, and the soft sand sign on the right.
5. I love Sadie Beth's skirt blowing into the light.
6. I love that Sadie Beth is turning into the sunset, as if the warmth will warm her up right away.
7. And the obvious reason, as pointed out by herself, was that Sadie Beth was IN the picture, thus being my favorite. ;) 

But this is the reason I love photography. That on days when perhaps work or life doesn't make sense ... that emotion and memories do, and the snapshot of that will bring back those good memories to mind. And I won't have a hundred reasons why, I'll just remember that I loved it, and we loved it together, and it will seem wild and free and completely my own moment. 

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~