Princess Place Park Day -


I'm so blessed by my friends. If you have any suspicions.....just watch the happy video below. :) I think that often, but I was just hit with a wave of it. I'm so, so thankful for my wonderful friends. 
*even if some of you aren't in the video, I'm talking about you too* 

Momma, Daddy and I went up to Princess Place Preserve on April 13th for a park day that EmilyBrower set up for families to be able to catch up with each other and enjoy being together. Turned out, the Lord gave us the perfect park weather. It was breezy and cool and zero bugs. A huge deal in Florida. ;)

We had a wonderful time!! I took waaaay too many photos to post, so I threw them into a music video, with some of my very favorite music. Some Elizabeth Mitchell, Larry Pattis and my new favorite song - "On Top of the World" by Imagine Dragons. I love it. :) 

I also "made up" a new edit from a 60's edit that I use for fall, and I just love how it pops the purples and will see it in some of the pictures. I'm a huge fan of edits that "make it special" instead of "drown it in edit*. :) So if you want some FL sunshine, gorgeous smiles, and fun music - watch it and enjoy!

Much love to all,
~ Jean Marie ~ 


  1. Such sweet photographs... you captured this beautiful day well~ It was a simply *perfect* day for it... especially with that beautiful breeze! I love spending time with you... laughing and enjoying the treasured gift of friendship that God has given us!


  2. Hello Jean Marie! I just wanted to say those were beautiful pictures. AND, I love watching your videos, you have THE best songs. ;-)

  3. Fantastic pictures, as always. Loved reliving the day!


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