Off to England! -

In less than 6 hours, Shannon and I will be on a plane (and an 8hr flight) to England!!! We are SO EXCITED. 
It's going to be amazing and I'm so blessed to have her to rely on as we shoot this wedding in England!
We really don't understand how this is real life right now. It's like the dreamiest of all photography dreams. 
We've over planned and over packed and we wanna' fly. Let's GO. 

Which is ironic since 6 months ago I stepped off a plane from China and swore not to go on an 
international flight again anytime soon after 21 hours of travel. {Haha hah ha}

I'll be shooting a few other sessions while I'm there after the wedding (September 17),
so if you'd like to book a session in ENGLAND (what), e-mail me at!

{images by Shannon Ashley Photography, who will be 2nd shooting for me this time!}

Rach is getting MAAARRRIIIIEEEEEDDD. It's gonna' be BWILLIANT. 

America, I'll see you in 2 weeks!!! And England, I'll see you tomorrow. ;) 

- JM -