SunRail Trip with Emily -

One week ago today Emily, G & Phoenix and I went on a SunRail ride from DeBary to Winter Park for the day!!
 I really wanted to spend some time with Em for her birthday, which was the next day! 

I've been dreaming/wanting/longing to ride the SunRail since they built it, and it has been one of
my biggest goals/dreams to do it!! It was just as fun as it sounds. :) I love trains so much, haha. 

I took along my camera, but also used my iPod Touch some too! 

Roundtrip Ticket for $7.50 from DeBary to Winter Park....

G holding tight to my leg as the train roared into the station. 

Giddy with excitement! It was a good day for fulfilling dreams. I love 2016. 

On the train and heading out! 

LOVE. Thanks, Em, for snapping these for me! Treasures. 

The biggest surprise to me was how SMOOTH and FAST the SunRail was. 
I haven't been on a modern train since I was about G's age! I've been on lots of steam/coal old trains, 
so all my memories hold "clackity-clackity-clack" sounds, long whistles, and jumping between cars. ;)

This was sooo smooth, it was almost like flying at a really low altitude. haha. 
It was amazing and SO cool. 

ONE OF MY FAVORITE PICTURES OF GEORGIA EVER. (sorry not sorry for the caps lock) 

Arriving in Winter Park! So interesting to see the other side of a train arriving in the station. 
Being a visitor instead of a spectator! 

Breakfast Late Lunch at Briarpatch on Park Avenue!! Suuuuuch delicious food. I'm addicted. 

Nixie not quite sure of being left alone with me. We get a little grumpy when we're hungry. 

Birthday Girl. Love her to pieces! 

Clearly, high paid models for GAP. 

Georgia falling asleep in my arms on the way home as we rode the 2nd decker story 
was so sweet but I also had to pray away quite a bit of sadness and tears over them moving so soon. 
Swaying of the train, dreaming of China, knowing peace will reign over us because of Jesus.

Love her. 

It was such a wonderful adventure (minus Phe screaming the whole ride home because her shoe was
cramping her foot and we couldn't figure it out, so sorry Em).
 I love every day with these special loves! 

Go ride the SunRail! It's SO FUN!! Fulfilling dreams is such a great part of life. 

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~