Playalinda Beach in August -

Wow, y'all. 

I can't believe August is almost over!! 
I feel as though once August starts, the rest of the "Fall" Months come tumbling down,
 then it's Christmas and then it's January and a new year starts all over again!! 

I've been working incessantly on getting my Photography Website Blog all caught up!!! 
You can view all the glory - HERE. :) It feels SO good to be getting this done! 

But I really really really have missed the beach. 
I haven't gone nearly as much this summer than usual, and I've missed it so much. 
So I texted Mariah {and Kaylee!} earlier this week and asked if she could go,
 and so we went to Playalinda this morning and it was sooooo nice. 

I never ever ever get tired of this, and I never ever will. *love* 

Mine & Hers. {my new deep teal beach towel from IKEA!} 
See the yellow stakes on the sand dunes? Those are markers for sea turtle nests!! 

GoPro pictures make me sooo happy. I don't use my GoPro very much except for the beach, 
and water events, but in those moments, it's worth every penny. It's the coolest. 

Just in case you wanted to see what the white of a wave coming over you looks like. :D 

We had perfect weather, beautiful waves, hot and shining sun and cool water. 
August at the beach is SO GREAT. August without the beach? SO HOT. Haha. 

Mariah channeling her inner mermaid. {i love this picture so much}


Honestly I have no idea what is happening in this picture but it makes me laugh so much!!

That water droplet decided to hover right over her head. Hahahaha. So hilarious. Selfwe!! 

It feels as good as the smile on my face. I love the ocean so much. Florida Girl. 

Beautiful Sky. 

I love you, Playalinda Beach. Thanks for the fun. 

Hope your August is equally as fun and full of getting work done and the joy of accomplishment! 

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~