My Becs is 21 -

Today was Becs' 21st Birthday!!! 

She invited me to celebrate with her family and eat (tons of) delicious food and watch Elf!! I wouldn't have said no in a million years, not to mention she told me it wasn't up for debate. ;) We had a wonderfully fun time, now I'm stuffed like it's Thanksgiving 2.0, and sleepy. 

When I'm feeling sad or discouraged, I don't need to look any further than my Instagram feed,
which is filled with pictures like these, reminders of the special and true gift of Becca Elizabeth in my life. 

I love her so very much!! Here are a few of our memories: 

Mumford & Sons in St. Augustine, September 2013, one of my favorite pics of us. 

Shot with my GoPro - 
Right after Becs ran through the paint war and just before John Fogarty (YES) and Mumford and Sons took the stage, where we'd sing, dance, jump, and clap (and totally freak out) for 2 hours with 27,000 other people on Francis Field. One of the craziest and coolest experiences ever. 
Eating some of the best ribs in the South together. We love good food with a passion, y'all. {2014}

And we also believe in advertising that you should buy local honey. 
And laugh hysterically at each other for hours at Barberville. {November 2014}

We've been friends for six years, and it's been a wonderful, close, honest, gloriously good ride.
I'm grateful for her, and for all the ways she pours grace, understanding, and laughter into my life.
She is always there to listen, fuel my fires & also put out those fires when they are unnecessary.
She is loving & forgiving. She prays for me, and knows I'll do the same for her at the drop of a hat.
We are besties. We are music-twins. We are walking these roads of life together, and it is pretty darn wonderful to do that. 

We also believe in adventures on THE coldest days of the year, singing at the drop of a hat, being as dramatic as humanly possible,
and whining about exercising the whole time we are walking. Haha. {November 2014}

She's also my model for my photography. And my peaceful & dreamy muse. She's amazing & lovely. 

And she's one of my dearest friends I've ever been blessed & honored to know. 
And I was just a tad excited to spend time with her on her birthday,
hug her approximately 24 times, laugh with her, try to play banjo with her, talk with her,
and watch her be her real, honest, sassy, sweet, adorable, wonderful, loving self. 

I love you, Becs. Thanks for being such an amazing & mercy-filled friend. Happy 21st!!! 

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~