Emily's 22nd Birthday! -

So this morning as I rolled over in bed, I was mourning that Lauren was moving away. 

"Today is the DAY. waaaaah. sniffle. i hate today."... and then I laid there a few more minutes and my eyes suddenly shot open and I bounded out of bed "TODAY IS EMILY'S BIRTHDAY.". hahahaha. 

Because even though we already put the guiltiest of guilt trips on Lauren for "WORST.FRIEND.EVER." for moving on Emily's birthday, and even though we've mostly (not really) forgiven poor Lauren for moving on poor Emily's birthday.....even though we love Lauren SO much....how could she do this to us....blah blah....blah....I was still ecstatic for Emily's birthday. 

and then......AND THEN. I realized I had Lightroom stuffed full of images that came first. So I spent all morning editing and now...finally...down to Emily. One of my absolute favorite friends. 

Now. I know you know me. I mean, kind of....right? I have a lot and I do mean A. LOT. of favorite friends. BUT. I only have a few that I will write angry, frustrated, sobbing e-mails to. Aaaaandd she is one of the lucky few. Ah, friendship

December 21, 2013

Oh, but it's not just the sad either....
It's the hysterical stuff I found on Pinterest or a web site and ihavetosharethiswithyoubeforeidie things.
It's the rants and quotes and screenshots...it's the photos that almost never get posted anywhere.
It's the dreams and hopes and fears and worries and please pray for me's. 

It's the culmination of years of trust and love and hugs and grace. 
It's sharing life and squeezing hands at the graveside. 
It's letting them know what is really bothering you and loving enough to forgive and forget. 
It's coming around the corner and knowing they will hold you while you cry and no questions asked. 
It's extremely over-dramatic conversations, sarcasm and hysterical laughter at the drop of the hat. 
It's not only getting along....but knowing what the person likes and anticipating what they would need. 
It's the promise of time together and looking forward to it for WEEKS because you can't wait.
It is seeing the same thing at the same time and losing it because you CAN'T BELIEVE THAT JUST HAPPENED.
It is when love is written in the millions of e-mails and is heard over the phone over and over again.

It is tears and hard work and understanding and patience and love and comfort and peace and belonging. 

It is Emily. It is Tricia. It is Lauren. It is Laurie.....it is lots of special heart friends I love. 

and gosh darn it....if I'm not crying already. 

(Lauren, babe. You are all of the above, and I'm never forgiving Alabama from stealing you away.)

One special thing that has been happening a lot with Emily is that right smack dab in the middle of a conversation, something will hit me and a light will go on. And something will click in Emily...and we will both say "Ok, talk to you later, gotta' go." and we go and write furiously these blog posts that have been locked up somewhere and need to be let out. I'm not even kidding when I say that we inspire each other to write and be real. It's like it all occurs to us at the same time and we laugh and say "Have to write this down!! Bye!". 

and I looove that. 

Emily is just flat out one of my favorite people to be with. EVER. I love her. 

June 28, 2013

I am more ME when I'm around her than most people. I adore her little family God has blessed her with. 
I love thinking back through all the memories God has given us together!! And I'm SO thankful God has given her to me as a best friend. 
Emily, you bless, encourage, uplift, inspire and love me. Thank you! Life is so much better with you as a friend. 

Happy 22nd birthday, Emily!!!!! I love you to the moon and back and all the stars in between. 

With love always, and long squeezy hugs,
~ Jean Marie ~ 

oh and for old times sake....our favorite song: 


  1. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!
    Mrs. Fambrough


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