February 14, 2013 -

Happy Valentine's. ;) I say that with so much sarcasm that it makes molasses look like mountain rapids. You just can't see it. Thanks to Darby, with her "pre-Valentine-warning", I was laughing all evening about everything that is so annoying about Valentines Day. It's basically designed for couples or married couples to shower each other with love and for singles to sit in a corner listening to love songs and crying their eyes out while eating too much chocolate. And I'm all for showering people with love!

But as in every single day not just once a year.

And I'd be lying if I said I don't want to be married. Because I do. But I also want what God will bring in His perfect timing more than what I could push into ahead of time. I already know that won't work out well. Why? Because I've tried that with other things and guess what? It ends badly. Very.

Only HE is the One Who has ordained all my days, married or not. 

Not me.  Not matchmakers (random ones. in movies. whatever.). Not Lucy Mae....who loves EVERYONE. hahaha. Not super guy friends that I love being best friends with. Not anyone except the Lord and King Who died for me.

He has planned all of my days, and He has promised me all of Himself for all of them.
There is no greater love than His....for me. For me. I bow my head, thankful and overwhelmed.

May you know His great love for you today, and always.

With much love, and squeezes to all the married couples. hahaha. 
~ Jean Marie ~

Photo taken: Jan.28, 2013 ... Lucy Mae wanted in on a few pictures with me.
Such a sweetie. Love her so much! So blessed by her affection and kisses and joy every day. 

Oh! And my sweet friend Shannon wrote what I think about a lot over at her blog.
So I'm linking you there for a good read. :) "Wilt Thou Love Me?" 


  1. Happy Valentines :)

    I just realized it's today XD I guess I'm a weird girl. I never really wanted to get married for a long time, then I was okay with it and then I got married haha! So Valentines was never special for me bc I was never a roses and romance type of girl. But guess what? Isaac brought me roses :D So I'm learning to be romantic =)

  2. Jean, your thoughts echo my heart completely, and bring such a comfort to my soul. You inspire me to trust in my Heavenly Savior, and to grow in His love each day. You are such a Godly example in my life, and a beautiful friend... ♥

    Love & Hugs,
    {PS~ Thank you for linking up to me! It was so sweet of you!}

  3. Shelby and I refused to celebrate Valentine's Day so instead we stocked up on chocolate and stuff from Trader Joe's before decimating our emotions with The Green Mile and Schindler's List. (I don't recommend watching those within a day of each other, by the by. Still reeling from both. O.o)I echo the sentiments here entirely, though. And I'm just ignoring the day, really. It's just another day in the year, right?


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